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Bob has a lot of imagination - after all, a successful entrepreneur sees opportunities that others don't. When he bought mom-and-pop Cheyenne Construction in 2011, he had experience growing businesses, and he saw plenty of opportunity to take Cheyenne to the next level.

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It's easy recommending Origin Bank. They're an entrepreneur's bank. They get it.
Bob McCarthy
Owner, Cheyenne Construction

Bob also has 37 years of experience with banking in Fort Worth, and he knows that a strong banking partner is important in transforming a small business into a $30-million per-year powerhouse. He knows, because that's exactly what he's done.

A Partner

Origin is an active community partner, and Chris recognized those similar values in Bob’s work with The LegUp Program, a community organization which provides employment and housing to the homeless. Their aligned values further cemented Bob’s knowledge that when his goals depend on his bank coming through for him, he can count on Chris and Origin Bank.

We're banking on people.
Chris Hamilton
Origin Banker

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