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Damon Marsala knows what it's like to provide an in-demand product. With 67% of the market share, if you're drinking a beer in North Louisiana, chances are Marsala Beverage distributed it.

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Part of our values statement is supporting the communities where we do business. It's definitely something Marsala Beverage and Origin have in common.
Damon Marsala
President, Marsala Beverage

But Marsala Beverage is also an in-demand banking customer, with deep roots in the community and an eye toward growth. They've served their customers well for many decades, and they're a trusted presence. It certainly doesn't hurt their community standing that they provide a much-loved product for social gatherings.

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Origin banker Billy Haddad believes that joint community efforts with Marsala Beverage have really cemented the bond between them. He works hard to make sure Damon feels Origin is accessible, friendly and local, but also that Origin's resources can get the job done for Marsala Beverage’s business plans. Because relationship banking is not just a term we use - it's a way of doing business that's been at the heart of our company for over a century.

That's what we want our customers to feel like - that they're part of the Origin family.
Billy Haddad
Origin Banker

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