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Dating back to high school, Mark enjoyed entertaining and cooking for friends. He’d inherited this passion from his father, who was also a great cook. So, naturally, when he went into the restaurant business it was a full family affair. His wife Mary was by his side in everything he did, and his daughters grew up around the dining room.

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Our relationship with Origin is strengthened by their ability and willingness to bank the man, more so than bank just the opportunity.
Mark Shapley
Owner, MM Shapley's

This sense of family and the desire to spend more time with their children caused Mark and Mary to step away from the business for a while. But years later, when they felt compelled to get back into the game, one of the first calls Mark made was to their old friend Leigh at Origin Bank.

A Culture of

Leigh and Mark have shared a longtime friendship. Their children often had the same interests, with their daughters even becoming sorority sisters in college. Leigh remembers watching Mark interact with guests at the restaurant’s original location, making sure they were enjoying their experience and had everything they needed.

Leigh related to this “culture of accommodating” because he strives to conduct his Origin Bank business the same way. And he has thoroughly enjoyed helping Mark and Mary to create a brand new version of their family restaurant.

I want to support them, both with their business and anything else they need in their personal life.
Leigh Pace
Origin Banker

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