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Oscar has quickly built his business on the foundation of a job well done. From a start-up to a statewide presence in just a few short years, he's wasted no time creating a rock-solid reputation.

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It goes back to the initial trust that Origin put with us, and everything that's been built over the years with them.
Oscar Orduno
Entrepreneur, Oscar Orduno, Inc

Making a name in commercial and highway construction excavation demands organization, an intimate knowledge of his financials, and the expertise to back it all up. After years of experience and hard work, Oscar has certainly earned his credibility.


Riley has heard a lot of businesses' stories over his 40-year banking career, but Oscar's dedication stood out. Riley’s knowledge and experience helped answer Oscar's questions and guide his company's growth as they expanded operations and built their company headquarters. More than anything, though, Riley's been there to help Oscar achieve his dream of owning his own successful business.

He should never short sell the fact that he's earned it.
Riley Couch
Origin Banker

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