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Chef and entrepreneur Tim Love is an infectiously joyful person with, to hear him tell it, “a 100-foot circle of fun around him,” and Origin banker Grant was a natural fit when they met over 10 years ago and bonded over a shared love of golf, food and hunting.

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Great businesses are built on things that derive from passion and honesty.
Tim Love
Chef + Entrepreneur

“My grandfather was a banker,” Tim recalls, “and I remember my dad telling me stories about going around to all these places with my grandfather because back then the banker would go by and speak to all of their clients. People didn’t go to the bank to speak to the banker, the banker came to the client. And Grant is that kind of guy.”

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Tim’s unconventional approach to food and business is a perfect match for Origin Bank’s innovative, personalized approach based on relationships. “The human aspect is critical any time there’s an exchange between two people— money or food,” he adds. “Grant’s one of those guys I can call for a favor, whether it has to do with business or not. And vice versa. We have grown our successes together over the past 10 or 12 years.”

Immense success has made Tim an expert at delegating tasks, and Grant is delighted to take the banking aspect off his plate.

I love talking to Tim and working on so many different kinds of projects together.
Grant James
Origin Banker

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