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Saint Leo

Emily: Yeah, so far so good.

Karen: The food here is divine.

Emily: I love creating experiences for people.

Karen: It's a very hot spot for the locals.

Emily: That is the heart of it for me.

Karen: The James Beard semifinalist of 2017 for best new restaurant. She's been written up in Southern LivingBon Appétit. I just could go on and on and on.

Emily: What I think makes Saint Leo extraordinary is that it's totally different than anything else that's offered around here.

Karen: It's good food for people, so we all appreciate that. And I think that shows in her success.


Emily: Origin was with me from when I moved to Oxford and got my first home loan. I genuinely knew nothing about starting a business. So that was my initial call to Karen.

Karen: When she came to me, we just had to figure out how to do it.

Emily: Only in hindsight have I realized how hard it is actually to get business loans, especially as a woman and especially in the restaurant industry. So, my appreciation has grown much deeper that they were willing to take a chance on me from the very beginning.

Karen: Once she opened the restaurant and was so successful, it was a good feeling to know that my gut instincts where right about her, and I think she felt the same way that she had made the right decisions. I say, "Go Emily."

Emily: From that very first home loan, through the process of opening a small business, to understanding cash flow which Karen helps me with frequently. I feel like they are genuinely a part
of my team because we actually talk and we email so frequently. I'm sorry if I'm bugging you all the time, but I email her like four days a week, five days.

Karen: At Origin, that's just what we do. And we feel like she's part of our team.

Emily: It's absolutely essential to good businesses to have positive relationships with your bank.

Go team!

Go team!

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