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Small Business Investments

Invest in the future of your business and your employees with a strategic investment strategy. With a variety of business investment resources and services, our team can help save and grow your business funds.

Origin Bank partners with Argent Financial Group, Inc. to offer savings and investment accounts that allow you to protect and grow your company financially. Compare account basics below; then, contact Argent to learn more and get started.

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Investment services and products:

  • Brokerage Accounts: Argent is able to access all major financial markets and help your company invest in mutual funds, stocks, and bonds. We offer discount and full-service brokerage accounts.
  • Trust & trust administration: Argent Financial Group has decades of experience in trust management and can help you manage and handle the administration of corporate or institutional trust.
  • Employee benefit plans: For companies seeking to establish retirement plans, Argent provides expertise and management services for 401Ks, IRAs, Profit Sharing and Defined Benefit plans.
  • Institutional services: Argent Financial Group provides a full range of financial management functions for political subdivisions, such as paying agent and registrar services for bond issues. We also help institutions manage cash and reserve fund investments.
  • Insurance through Argent Insurance Services, LLS: Argent Financial Group offers life, disability, and long-term care insurance.
  • Investment management services: Argent incorporates stocks, bonds and mutual funds as well as financial planning to create customized investment plans as unique as the clients we serve.
  • Property services: Individuals, institutions, foundations, and trustees work with Argent to manage mineral rights, negotiate contracts for oil and gas, and account for royalty and working interests.

Argent Financial Group and Origin Bank are independent entities. Securities, with the exception of Brokerage CDs: (1) are not bank deposits; (2) are not insured or guaranteed by the FDIC or any other government agency; (3) are not obligations of, or guaranteed by, any financial institution; and (4) involve investment risks, including the potential for fluctuations in investment return and the potential loss of principal.

The brokerage services sections of this site are designed for U.S. residents only. The services offered within these sections are available exclusively through our U.S. registered representatives. U.S. registered representatives may only conduct business with residents of the states for which they are properly registered. Please note that not all of the investments and services mentioned are available in every state.

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