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4 Ways to Save for Vacation this Summer

February 10, 2020

4 Ways to Save for Vacation this Summer

As travel-industry experts point out, bookings for summer vacation begin about six months in advance. In other words, many families are already locking in reservations.

Of course, reservations don’t account for the entire cost of your trip. Meals, rentals, souvenirs and attractions add up as well. Have you thought about how you can plan for these expenses?

Don’t worry, Origin’s got your back with four easy ways to save for summer vacation.

  1. It isn’t easy to figure out exactly how much you’ll need for the trip, but it’s a good idea to make that calculation for a number of reasons. You’ll have a goal and a sense of how much to set aside each week to get there. It’s also an opportunity to cut costs. Thrifty planners figure out how to find coupons, one-time offers and family package deals.
  2. Beef up your savings account without ever thinking about deposits. Origin can set up automatic transfers from checking to savings. Small amounts over time add up to larger amounts that bring you closer to your goal.
  3. Sign up for Origin’s Personal Financial Management tool. It’s free and automatically keeps track of budgeting, categorizing purchases and debt management. It’s much easier to save when it’s easier to see how much you’re spending.
  4. Got a bonus from your job last year? Expecting a nice tax return? Sock it away. Unless there’s a pressing need, move those kinds of nice surprises right into your savings account. The easiest way to save is to put away money you didn’t expect to have in the first place.

If you’d like more ideas for vacation savings, just ask. Contact Origin, and we’ll help you to make summer vacation something special!


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