Business Banking

Treasury Management

In addition to a variety of business checking and savings accounts, Origin Bank has a full range of Treasury Management products that provide customers the ability to transact daily banking needs electronically and efficiently while maintaining a high level of security.
Maximize the Efficiency of Each Business Transaction

Manage transactions in an easy and efficient manner with our disbursement services. These services help you transfer funds to and from employees, consumers, and other businesses with simple solutions.

  • ACH Origination Services
  • Payroll Direct Deposit
  • Accounts Payable & Payment Automation
  • Controlled Disbursement Reporting
  • Wire Transfer
  • Online Bill Pay Services
Process Secure and Efficient Receivables

Make collections and payments easy with our receivable tools, services and resources. We will help your business receive and process funds securely and efficiently.

  • Remote Deposit Capture
  • Lockbox Services
  • Commercial Cash Vault Services
  • Merchant Services
Archive Business Statements

Get a CD-ROM each month containing your business statements and all electronic images of your checks.

Business Credit
Business Rewards

Enjoy Business Cards

Use our Business Rewards Card to build reward points or use our Business Purchasing Card to get money back when your business purchases supplies, inventory, and even travel. Start making the most of your business dollars and allow us to customize a card to your company.


Safeguard your business with these tools.

Utilize Liquidity Management Tools


Our liquidity management tools can help your business automate payments and consolidate funds – ultimately reducing your company’s exposure to liquidity risk.

  • Zero Balance Accounts (ZBA)
  • Cash Concentration
  • Loan Sweeps
  • Investment Sweeps
  • Mitigate Fraud


    Protect your company’s accounts and information with fraud mitigation tools. Our secure banking products allow you to identify and block threats to your business.

  • ACH Blocking and Filtering
  • ACH Positive Pay
  • Check Positive Pay
  • Positive Pay with Payee Match
  • Online Banking Availability
    Friday, October 7 at 8am

    BTH bill pay will no longer be accessible.

    Friday, October 7 at 5pm

    BTH online & mobile banking will no longer be accessible.

    Tuesday, October 11 at 7am

    Origin Bank online banking, mobile banking and bill pay will be accessible.

    Online Banking Preview Period

    We are excited to announce that you now have the ability to log in and begin exploring Origin Bank Treasury Management Solutions! The preview period will remain open from September 26th – October 6th. You should have received separate emails containing your username and password. Please reach out to your BTH banker or Cash Management rep if you have not yet received your login credentials.

    Please note that Origin Bank Treasury Management clients will need to log in by selecting the Treasury Management option on the Log In dropdown. Click here to see the guide for further instruction on how to log in.

    Once you are logged in, here are a few things you’ll want to do now to make sure there’s no interruption in service following conversion:

    • Verify your phone number (especially your mobile number) and address are correct.
    • Verify all of your accounts are listed.
    • If you have access to Treasury Management products, verify those services are visible.
    • Verify your sub-users if applicable and grant them any entitlements they need.
    • Communicate login information to your sub-users and encourage them to verify their access.
    • Verify your ACH and/or wire templates if applicable.

    The changes you make during this preview period will remain in effect following conversion, so we highly encourage you to log in and make sure the items above are updated. Please reach out if you need any assistance!

    Set Up Your Treasury Management Solutions Online Banking
    • Visit and click “Log In” at the top right of the screen and select Treasury Management to sign into the Treasury Management Solutions online banking platform.

    • Your Username will be converted (minus special characters).

    • Your initial log in must be through a web browser. You will be assigned a starter password that will be used to initially log into the Treasury Management Solutions online banking platform. Upon initial login, you will be prompted to change your password.

    Access Mobile Banking

    Download the app named “Origin Bank Treasury Mgmt” in your mobile app store, which you’ll find available along with our Personal/Business and Business Card apps.

    Make sure to log into Online Banking through a web browser and reset your password in order to access the mobile app.

    General Info
    • On October 11, your running account balance may not be visible within online banking but will appear within 24 hours and thereafter.
    • 90 days of transaction history will be listed initially within online banking. 12 months of savings transactions and 18 months of checking and money market transactions will be listed and searchable by the end of October.
    • Up to 18 months of statement history will be available for viewing and download in online banking by the end of October.
    • You will continue to receive eStatements for checking, money market, savings or CDs if you are currently enrolled in this service. You will also have the option to receive loan statements, tax forms and other notices online – simply update your delivery preferences within online banking.
    Bill Pay
    • Scheduled payments and related payee information will transfer to Origin Bank’s online bill pay service. Payments will be processed on the indicated due date.

      Note: Payments scheduled prior to October 14 will not be visible, but they are still being processed. Do not attempt to reschedule these payments as it will result in a duplicate payment.

    • 6 months of bill payment history will be visible by Friday, October 14.
    • Origin’s standard bill pay limits apply. For additional information, see Deposit Account Agreement and Disclosures for details.
    • eBills will not convert to Origin Bank.
    • You will need to reestablish any eBills after October 11.
    • Real-time transfers can be made until 5pm Friday, October 7.
    • Pending internal transfers scheduled through Friday, October 7 will be processed on Friday, October 7. Transfers scheduled to occur after Friday, October 7 will not be processed and will not convert. They will need to be re-established on the Treasury Management Solutions Platform.
    ACH and Wire Transfers
    • ACH and Wire templates will transfer to Origin Bank.
    • Scheduled (reoccurring) ACH and Wire transactions on the BTH system will not be converted. Scheduled transactions must be re-established on the Treasury Management Solutions Platform for transactions to occur.
    • ACH and Wire transactions scheduled through Friday, October 7 will be processed on Friday, October 7.
    • ACH and Wire transactions scheduled to occur after Friday, October 7 will not be processed and will need to be re-established on the Treasury Management Solutions Platform.
    Quicken® and QuickBooks®
    • You will have to complete final downloads and make changes to your QuickBooks, Quicken or Mint software before and after the conversion.

    For instructions on how to connect your Quicken® or Quickbooks® application click here.

    Remote Deposit Capture
    • If you have Remote Deposit Capture, you will need certain drivers installed on your computer for your RDC scanner to work after conversion. Someone from the BTH or Origin team will soon contact you directly to make the necessary updates.
    • If you have any questions or would like to schedule a time to complete the remote installation, please call us at (800) 947-0142.

    Explore Our Treasury Management Solutions Platform

    Manage your accounts with the click of a button. Check account balances, pay bills, check transactions, and more. Take a tour of our Treasury Management Solutions platform to see how we can help simplify your business operations.

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