Treasury Management

Streamline Your Business Operations

With more than 100 years of business banking experience, the Origin team knows that all business owners share at least one common trait: They’re extremely busy. Make the most of your time with Origin’s treasury management services and let us help you succeed.

Explore our Treasury Management Solutions Platform

Manage your accounts with the click of a button. Check account balances, pay bills, check transactions, and more. Take a tour of our Treasury Management Solutions platform to see how we can help simplify your business operations.

Information Management Tools


Remote Deposit

Our remote deposit feature allows you to convert paper checks into electronic images that can be deposited online, thus enabling funds to move quicker.

ACH Origination Services

The Automated Clearing House (ACH) system is a nationwide network of banks and financial institutions capable of sending and receiving electronic payments on behalf of participating companies securely and efficiently.

Business Cards

Use our Business Rewards Card to build reward points or use our Business Purchasing Card to get money back when your business purchases supplies, inventory, and even travel. Start making the most of your business dollars and allow us to customize a card for your company.

Positive Pay

Help mitigate fraud by protecting accounts from any unauthorized electronic transactions and help prevent and identify fraudulent checks within your accounts with our ACH and Check Positive Pay features.

Web Statement Portal

Log in and access your business statements and all electronic images of your checks using our Web Statement Portal.

Meet our Treasury Management Team

With decades of combined experience in treasury management, our team can help you streamline your business accounts and make the most of each company transaction. Contact one of our team members to get started.

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