Payroll Cards

Pay your employees in a smarter, safer way with Origin Bank payroll cards.

Our Visa® payroll cards can be loaded through direct deposit and are a good option for employees without an established checking account. 

Origin Bank payroll cards eliminate the need for paper payroll checks, saving your business time and money. The cards hold a stored value and can be reloaded quickly and easily. Once the card is loaded with funds, employees can use it to make purchases and withdraw cash from ATMs.

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Benefits for employers:

  • Saves businesses money by eliminating need for paper payroll checks and postage
  • Reduces businesses’ need to store large quantities of cash
  • Streamlines payment processes by auto-loading employees’ payroll cards
  • Simplifies the account reconciliation process by reducing the number of payroll debits

Benefits for employees:

  • Simplifies the withdrawal process – employees can withdraw from any ATM
  • Freedom to use the card at any establishment that accepts Visa®
  • Support available 24/7 through a toll-free phone service for lost/stolen cards
  • Secure online account access to view activity

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