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A financial institution’s success is measured by the strength of its assets. At Origin, we consider our culture to be one of our strongest. Culture has become a corporate buzzword in the business world; a term that often conjures up images of office ping pong tables and cappuccino machines. For us, culture is a common language we use multiple times each day with every stakeholder with whom we are privileged to associate. The reason for this is because we are defined by our culture. We take that intangible word and turn it into tangible actions such as the donation of vacation days by employees to a centralized pool for coworkers going through difficult times, prompt responses to customer requests (many times even on the weekend), and the allowing of employees to volunteer at organizations they are passionate about… on company time.  We realize that culture is like trust; when treated carefully, trust can be a unifying and transformational force. When broken, it is not easily restored and very hard to regain. The same goes for our culture. It is the DNA that binds our employees together, inspires us to give our best, and allows us to take care of our most precious relationship… You.


Origin Bank also invests in our employees. Through our Dream Manager Program, we help enrich the lives of our staff by helping them identify and pursue their dreams. The program is shaped to help Origin Bank team members create action plans to achieve their goals — ultimately leading to a life full of passion and purpose.

We're here to help our customers, employees, and communities thrive.

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