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Dream Manager Program


The Dream Manager Program at Origin Bank focuses on one thing: our team. Our bank’s core purpose is to enrich the lives of the people in our community — and that community includes our employees. The Dream Manager Program is about helping our employees become “the best versions of themselves,” which is how Matthew Kelly describes the initiative in his book, The Dream Manager. We help employees identify their dreams and develop an action plan to achieve those dreams. We provide the tools, encouragement, and support needed to make employees’ dreams a reality.

“The Dream Manager Program has had a major impact on the culture and performance of our organization. The employees who have participated have an increased passion for the work they do each day and that passion has been contagious throughout our company.” - Drake Mills, CEO/President

“The Dream Manager Program will change your life. Unlike typical self-help books, the Dream Manager Program is not a ‘how to’ approach to fix all of life’s issues. Instead, the program is designed to help you identify, pursue, and achieve your dreams. The result is living a life full of passion and purpose.” - Lonnie Scarborough, Executive Vice President, Certified Dream Manager®

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