Family Debit Card

mother and daughter on computerThe Origin Bank family debit card allows you and your family members — especially your teenagers — to manage finances. This pre-paid debit card is easy to use on the go, and is considered a safer option than cash. Find a comfortable level of control when it comes to your kids’ expenditures. With a pre-paid family debit card, you can:

  • Allow teens to practice budgeting. Teens can track their card’s balance and transaction history at all times, making it easy for them to learn basic budgeting skills.
  • Monitor spending. Parents have complete control over loading the card with funds. You can even set up automatic deposits (daily, weekly, or monthly) to mimic a scheduled “allowance.”
  • Make purchases. The family card is accepted anywhere that Visa® debit cards are accepted. This also applies to online and over-the-phone purchases.

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