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Save and invest for your family’s future, an upcoming purchase, or retirement with one of our saving and investment accounts. Our accounts offer a variety of interest rates and withdrawal allowances — choose the one that best suits your saving needs.

Coverdell Education Savings

Education is worth saving up for. With a Coverdell Education Savings Account, your child or beneficiary will be able to pay for education expenses with a tax advantage. Coverdell Education Savings distributions used to pay for qualified education costs for the account beneficiary are completely tax-free.

Coverdell Education Savings Account
Maximum annual modified adjusted gross income to qualify** $110,00 (single), $220,000 (joint)
Maximum contribution limit per beneficiary** $2,000
Maximum age of beneficiary to receive contributions 18
Tax-deductible contributions No; however, distributions used to pay for qualified education expenses are tax-free
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*Interest rates subject to change.
**These limits subject to change per IRS guidelines

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