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Michael Josephson

Michael: We've known each other for at least 10 years.

Terri: At least. Yeah. 

Michael: And you haven't aged a bit. 

Terri: Thanks. I'll pay you that 20. 

Michael: The house was in a state of disrepair. The bones were great but it required so much attention. I had so many different people that believed in me, and believed in the dream, and Terri was one of those people who came in and said, "Okay. What's your plan? What're you going to do with this house?" 

Terri: If I hear what the customer wants to do and it is reasonable, and it's doable, I like to tell them fairly quickly that this is something that I'm confident that we can do. 

Michael: Not only did she come up with different strategies for us to be able to buy the house of our dreams, but she immediately makes you feel at ease. She lets you know that your needs are her priority. We had to convince my wife, this was not going to put us into financial ruin, that we could do this, and it was okay to have two mortgages. 

Terri: It really is a counseling position. 

Michael: Houston is a huge city. We have so many different banks here, so many different options. One of the things that's been great about Origin and Terri is that they have all of the benefits and features of a large bank, but they have the personalized touch that the larger banks just don't have. 

Terri: That is a rare combination of being large enough to do the loans that are asked of us, as well as the flexibility when someone needs something a litle bit outside the box. 

Michael: And it's not just on the residential side, it's on the commercial side as well. When you do a deal with Origin, you're not just doing a deal with her, you've got a team of bankers in all these different departments that are there to help you, which is why she was the first person that I called when I decided to open my own business, so that I could stay with Origin. I don't know what else we can ask you to do. 

Terri: I don't know. 
- We'll find out. 

Michael: We'll find out. You got any Astros tickets? 

Terri: No. I don't have Astros tickets. They're hard to come by, right now.

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