Creating Relationships through Culture

Dallas entrepreneur Roy Rodriguez was always interested in business. After finishing college, he wanted a business opportunity with the right combination of manufacturing, production and logistics. So, he created it.

Rodriguez launched Intercon Paper with his father in 1998. Over the past two decades, the company has grown to a staff of more than 80 employees in Dallas and Atlanta. Intercon Paper is the largest paper converter in the Southeast, providing paper and sheeting, warehouse storage and logistics services, all designed to meet any number of printing and packaging standards.

Rodriguez has a long time business relationship with Origin banker Gerardo Garza. Through the years, the two have created a genuine relationship not only based on business but also shared values.   

“Most of our conversations are in Spanish, so I think it’s healthy for both of us, kind of keeps us grounded,” Rodriguez says. “I’ve never had that type of banking relationship before. We trade internationally, and so to be able to talk to somebody that knows the culture is a huge benefit.”  

Garza says he was immediately impressed with Rodriguez’s dedication to the company and his level of involvement.  

“We're not here just to make loans,” says Garza. “We're here to build relationships, where we can come in and be that financial partner.”

“I think Origin is definitely investing in their technology and they're succeeding to be there for their customers,” adds Rodriguez.