Innovation Meets Personalized Banking

Technology is always evolving and transforming the way we go about our daily lives. Whether we’re working from home, video chatting with loved ones or keeping up with the latest headlines, technology enables us to perform tasks from anywhere and stay connected to who and what matters most to us.

At Origin Bank, we recognize the importance of technology and the vital role it plays in today’s banking landscape. That’s why we’ve redesigned our website, with innovative, flexible and forward-thinking features that deliver an unrivaled online experience for our most important asset - our customers.

The new website is designed to cultivate genuine relationships, keeping the customer journey at the forefront by offering a personalized experience for each user. Simple and responsive, the site makes it easy to find the content that matters to you.

Whether you’re seeking a small business loan, would like to open a personal savings account or need information on commercial banking services, Origin’s new site will guide you to the information you need for your own unique online experience. The site
also features built-in safeguards, ensuring your information is protected. Our mobile version of the website is just as responsive, with the same intuitive design and easy navigation that makes it simple to bank from anywhere.

Helpful resources like our improved, easy-to-use search function makes it simple to find the content that matters to you. Our new “Contact Us/Get Help” hub provides various support options for you to get assistance through your preferred contact method. Stay informed by visiting our Origin Blog, where we share a wide range of insight from our experienced team. There, you will find a host of financial education articles, helpful tips and the latest company news.

Origin’s vast array of online banking services, like mobile deposits and online bill pay are all there too, along with information on transfers made easy through Zelle®, and the Personal Financial Management Tool to help you take more control over your finances.

At Origin Bank, we are proud to provide innovative solutions to our customers, harnessing the power of technology to deliver a personalized online banking experience that’s as unique as you are. Please visit our new website at today!