Origin.bank: Bringing You the Safest Online Banking Experience

You might have heard news recently that the Origin Bank website is getting a new home! We are in the process of transitioning our website from OriginBankOnline.com to a new domain, Origin.bank. More than 45% of banks nationwide have secured .BANK domains, and Origin is one of the first of these leading banks to transition our website to its new .BANK domain. Expect to see the new URL in your browser in early 2017.

Don’t worry, there’s nothing you need to do as a customer to prepare for this change. In fact, you might not even notice the transition. Whether you type “Origin.bank” or “OriginBankOnline.com” into your web browser, you’ll still end up at Origin.bank viewing the same website you’re used to.

Learn more about the change by visiting the Origin.bank landing page where you can read common user questions and details about our new URL.

Why the Change?

You can read full details about the transition on our temporary Origin.bank web page, but the key reason we made the change comes down to you, our customers. The .BANK domain will ensure an even safer online banking experience for Origin customers. And the more we can do to provide the safest banking experience for our customers, the better! Here’s some insight from Pamela Kirkland, Digital Brand Strategist.

“Ultimately, the decision came down to security. Origin.bank will be more secure for our customers. The shorter URL is a lot easier to remember, too! Origin.bank is safer and simpler, which means that it helps make our customers’ lives easier. And that’s what our bank is all about.” - Pamela

How is .BANK Safer?

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) oversees all website domains in order to keep the internet safe and secure. Similar to how ICANN allows organizations and non-profits to use .org in their website addresses, ICANN has recently allowed financial institutions to use .BANK. Companies applying for a .BANK domain have to go through added security and authentication steps.

“We had to undergo a thorough verification process to secure the Origin.bank domain. Unlike a .COM domain, which can be secured by almost anyone, a .BANK domain can only be owned by a verified financial institution. This means that customers can trust .BANK domains more.” - Pamela

What Should I Do to Prepare?

Nothing is required from customers. One optional step you can take is to update your Origin Bank browser bookmark, if you have one, once the transition has been made.

Will This Change the Way I Bank With Origin?

Absolutely not. We’re still the same team, offering the same level of high-quality service — and this upcoming transition is a reflection of our commitment to that service. 

“We like to stay at the digital forefront for our customers so that we can make their banking experience as smooth and easy as possible. We’re proud to be one of the first institutions that will be moving to a .BANK domain.” - Pamela