Remember to Check Your Financial Health this National Checklist Day

If you’re like most people, the month of October has you thinking of cooler weather, cheering for your favorite football team, and prepping for Halloween tricks and treats. But before you swap your team’s jersey for a spooky costume, grab a pumpkin spiced latte and check on your financial wellness in honor of National Checklist Day this October 30th.

Don’t have a checklist handy? Origin Bank has you covered with tips to help you check-in on your personal financial health.

● Have you set financial goals? Whether it’s owning your dream home, retiring at a certain age, or traveling in style, set goals that will motivate you towards establishing and maintaining good financial health.

● Do you have a budget? Budgeting your finances is the best way of controlling where your money goes, not restricting it. If you have a plan for your money, you’re more likely to do more with it and make it work for you and your personal goals.

● Are you tracking your spending? Once you’ve established your budget, track where your money goes to see if you’re spending unnecessarily. Then you can adjust your spending habits and direct your money where it’s needed most.

● Have you started saving? Car repairs, medical bills, job loss and more are an unfortunate reality, so make sure you’ve got a cushion to help you through financially challenging times.

● Do you have a plan for getting out of debt? Carrying too much debt can seriously impact your ability to reach your financial goals, so make getting out of debt a top priority.

At Origin Bank, we know financial health is an ongoing commitment, not an end destination. But it doesn’t have to be difficult, and resources like Origin’s personal financial management tool make it easy for you to create a budget, track your spending and manage your debt. Visit one of our banking center locations in Louisiana, Texas or Mississippi and speak with our trusted advisors today to help you establish and achieve your personal financial goals.