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Why 2018 Could Be a Big Year for Bank Customers

January 19, 2018

Why 2018 Could Be a Big Year for Bank Customers

What does the new year hold for retail banking? Origin Bank’s experts say 2018 could be a real turning point for customers, especially when it comes to mobile banking. As the industry’s technology continues to mature, Origin says many of the pieces are in place for a new level of convenience and personal service.

Here are four things Origin sees as this year’s biggest retail banking trends.

You’re the focus. 2018 could be the year of the customer. Many experts predict banks will focus on updating the customer service experience for the digital age. The goal is to create a seamless and positive experience for all customers, whether they personally visit banking centers or use mobile banking.

Higher tech. Now that customers are embracing mobile banking, it’s not surprising that banks are investing in and expanding the technology. Experts say that as consumers’ comfort level increases, you’ll find more financial services and products available through your phone or tablet, making banking even quicker and more convenient.

Getting personal. Mobile banking software is intelligent, which means it pays attention to the way you use the technology. As a result, banking on your phone or tablet will become a much more personalized experience. If you rely on your phone to make account transfers, for example, the option would be available as soon as you log in.

Safer environment. Security is always a concern with advances in technology, and that includes the banking environment. Experts believe that in 2018, customers will see significant security improvements with innovations like electronic IDs for verification and biometrics, which use physical features like fingerprints or facial recognition to help prevent unauthorized access of your account. 

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