Winterize Your Budget: Stay Warm Without Burning Cash

When days get longer and the temperatures get cooler, it’s tempting to crank up the heat and turn on all your indoor lights to stay cozy. However, these practices can be huge energy and money sucks, leading to larger-than-expected energy bills and a bigger carbon footprint.

That’s why we’ve curated a list of tips and tricks to help you combat winter weather responsibly, saving money for other expenses. Let's dive into Origin Bank’s winter survival guide!


1. Warm up safely by the fire. During the chilly winter months, fireplaces and fire pits can provide warmth and ambiance. Before you crank up the flames for the first time, make sure to have your chimney and fireplace professionally cleaned and inspected to avoid your fire becoming a hazard. Additionally, always use safety screens to prevent sparks and embers from escaping, and keep flammable materials, such as paper and curtains, away from open flames. Check with your local authorities to see if any burn bans are in effect and follow the guidelines accordingly.

2. Seal cracks to prevent drafts. One of the best ways to lower your heating bill is to make sure all the hot air stays inside. Drafty windows or doors can create unpleasant chilly breezes, tempting you to turn up the thermostat even higher. By feeling for drafts around doors, windows, pipes, and outlets, you can identify the cracks in your home’s armor and seal them using draft stoppers or crack sealant.

3. Wear extra layers. If you want to save extra money on your heating bills, consider lowering the thermostat a few degrees and layering up for more body heat. Whether you throw on an extra sweatshirt or invest in a good pair of wool socks, staying warm by bundling up can help you keep cozy without draining your wallet.


4. Cook at home. During the winter, the chilly weather often calls for warm stews, hot roasts, and other comforting foods. By cranking up the oven and cooking at home, you not only save money on restaurant bills, you can also lower your heating costs due to the added warmth circulating from the oven or stove.

5. Winterize your vehicle. Your home isn’t the only thing that could use a little extra maintenance during the winter months – your car also needs to be winterized. From checking your tire tread depth and car battery to refilling antifreeze and wiper fluid, winterizing your car is essential to help you save money on costly repairs and stay safe on slippery roads. Additionally, be sure to keep an emergency kit in your car with essentials like blankets, non-perishable food, a flashlight, and other items in case of a breakdown or emergency.

Through the holidays and in chilly weather, staying toasty while keeping your expenses in check can be a struggle. With these tips and tricks, you can warm up without breaking the bank. At Origin Bank, it’s our mission to help our customers save money, live better, and reach their financial goals. If you have a question about making your money work for you, contact a Trusted Advisor today.