The Tool Everyone Needs for Personal Financial Management

Kick off the new year moving in the right financial direction with Origin Bank’s Personal Financial Management tool. Getting started on the right foot will set you up for success as you continue to move through 2020, with summer vacation, back to school supplies, the holidays and anything else that hits your budget in the new decade.

By simply registering for the Personal Financial Management tool within the Origin online banking platform, you will have access to the free and automatically integrated money manager.

Budgeting, account aggregation, auto-categorization and debt management are all handled automatically. Easily keep track of how much you spent on groceries per month, how much is left on your car loan, or active credit card balances. The management tool also provides account aggregation, meaning your accounts for banking, credit cards, investments and business are all tracked in a single place.

As one customer states, “Being able to quickly see all of my accounts on one screen makes it so easy to keep track of my monthly spending.”

Download the Personal Financial Management tool for a simpler and more rewarding banking experience. Call Origin at (888) 292-4037 or stop by our nearest banking center for details.