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Origin Bank's business credit, debit and prepaid cards simplify company transactions and make it easy to conduct business smarter.

Business Credit Cards 

 Business Credit Card*Business Rewards Card*Business Purchasing/Expense Card*
Product Info Make business purchases and manage your cash flow with a Business Credit Card from Origin Bank. Build your reward points by earning 1% on business expense purchases! Redeem rewards for gift cards, earn statement credit, redeem rewards points for merchandise or earn fuel rewards. Use our Business Purchasing Card to get money back when your business purchases supplies, inventory, and even travel.** Start making the most of your business dollars and allow us to customize a card for your company.
Virtual Cards: Protect your company from fraud and unwanted transactions by using Virtual Cards, a feature offered to our Business Purchasing Card customers. Set limits and expiration dates through a virtual account and use it to pay for company expenses without a physical credit card.
Good for Revolving credit card needs and credit growth Revolving credit card needs, earning rewards and credit growth Businesses with monthly spending of $50,000 or more on things like office supplies and inventory
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Prepaid Business Cards

 Payroll CardGift Card*BizNOW
Product Info For employees who do not want or may not qualify for a bank account, payroll cards are the perfect solution. The value of paychecks are loaded onto a Visa® secure stored value card, making it easy for employees to receive and manage their earnings. An Origin Bank Gift Card is a great way to reward employees. Visa® gift cards can be used anywhere that accepts Visa® debit cards – including online and over-the-phone purchases. Unlike a debit card, the Visa® gift card isn’t tied to a bank account. The card can hold any value up to $500 and doesn’t incur fees or interest. A payment and expense management solution that brings cutting edge technology to better serve you and your business. Securely control cash flow and manage expenses in real-time, any time, and while on the go.
Good for Streamlining payment processes and simplifying the account reconciliation process. Payment of bonuses, purchases and more. Simple, convenient and efficient expense management.
How to apply Contact Us Contact Us Visit or download the BizNOW mobile app from the iOS App Store or Google Play to register.


Origin Bank provides fraud protections services for Business Visa® Credit Cards and Business Checking Debit Cards through an automated Short Message Service (SMS) which sends a short message, or text message, to all mobile phone numbers listed on your account. The text message will contain Origin Bank’s name, the last four digits of your account number, and information about the suspicious transaction which triggered the fraud alert. Additionally, it will provide you with options to confirm the activity as valid or as unrecognized. For more information, please take a look at our SecurLOCK FAQs.

* Business Credit Cards and unregistered Gift Cards are not FDIC Insured.
** Account or the Master Account can only be used for business purposes. All purchases, balance transfers, cash advances and fees (if applicable) must be paid in full each month. Cash rewards shall be paid to the Company quarterly based upon the following monthly spending: $0 - $4,999 .00% x monthly spend paid; $5,000 - $49,000 .25% x monthly spend paid; $50,000 - $74,999 .50% x monthly spend paid; $75,000 - $99,999 .75% x monthly spend paid; $100,000+ 1.00% x monthly spend paid. Rewards are earned for signature-based transactions only. There are no annual fees per account. Card issuance fee is $25 per card. 


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