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Cash Rewards Business Cards

Make your money work harder for you at Origin Bank by earning up to 1% cash rewards from business expense purchases! The Business Purchasing Card pays you back when used to purchase supplies, inventory, and even travel.* Let us help you customize the best card for your business so you can start earning today!

Business Purchasing Card:
For business customers with monthly spending of $25,000 and greater for supplies, inventory, etc.  

Business Credit and Debit Cards

Our business credit and debit cards can help you simplify your company’s transactions. Take a look at some of our card options and start doing business smarter. 

 Business Visa® Credit Card**Business Checking Debit CardPrepaid Debit Cards**
Product Info Make business purchases and manage your cash flow with a Business Visa® Credit Card from Origin Bank. Let us simplify your business purchases and eliminate the need for checks with a Business Checking Debit Card from Origin Bank. A Prepaid Debit Card from Origin Bank is a great way to handle employee expense management.
Good for Revolving credit card needs Business expenses of at least $25,000 per month Payment of bonuses, purchases, payroll, and more.
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Contact us today at 888-292-4037 to discuss the right card solution for your business!

*Account or the Master Account can only be used for business purposes. All purchases, balance transfers, cash advances and fees (if applicable) must be paid in full each month. Cash rewards shall be paid to the Company based upon the following monthly spending: $0 - $4,999 .00% x monthly balance paid; $5,000 - $49,000 .25% x monthly balance paid; $50,000 - $74,999 .50% x monthly balance paid; $75,000 - $99,999 .75% x monthly balance paid; $100,000+ 1.00% x monthly balance paid. Rewards are earned for signature-based transactions only. There are no annual fees per account. Card issuance fee is $25 per card. 

**Business Visa® Credit Cards and Visa® Gift Cards are not FDIC Insured.

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