Origin Bank is pleased to announce that it has entered into an alliance with Dovenmuehle Mortgage, Inc. (DMI) to handle the servicing of your mortgage loan. Please see below for additional information regarding this association and changes to your loan number and new payment methods.

Effective November 1, 2019, your Origin Bank loan will be serviced by DMI. As part of this transfer you have been issued a new loan account number. Your loan account number can be located on the “NOTICE OF SERVICING TRANSFER” document you received in the mail. 


Payment Options

  • New Payment Mailing Address effective November 1: Origin Bank, PO BOX 660592, Dallas, TX  75266-0592
  • New Online Banking Platform: Starting on November 7, 2019, you can enroll to view and manage your mortgage through the new Mortgage Online Banking Platform (https://originbank.mtgsvc.com)
  • ACH Drafting: Please be aware that November 1 payments set up for ACH draft may process later than normal. ACH drafts could be delayed 10-12 business days for this payment only. Once drafted, all payments will be posted effective the payment due date.

Changes required based on payment method:

  • Online Banking Internal Transfers: If you currently have your mortgage payment set up as a scheduled transfer through Origin Bank online banking, these payments will no longer process after October 31, 2019. For your November payment you have the following options:
    • Enroll for our Automatic Payment Program (APP) here: https://www.origin.bank/userfiles/pdfs/OriginBankEFTForm.pdf
    • Enroll in the new Mortgage online banking platform (starting Nov. 7) and submit your payment online. You can also set up recurring payments.
    • Mail your payment via check to the new payment address: Origin Bank, PO BOX 660592, Dallas, TX  75266-0592.
    • Pay in person at a local Origin Bank banking center.
  • PayDirect: Effective October 28, you will no longer be able to submit your payment online through the “Loan Payments” link at www.origin.bank. To make your payment online, please enroll in the new mortgage online banking platform (starting Nov. 7) to manage your account and submit payments online.
  • Bill Pay from your bank (not Origin Bank):
    • If you pay through a Bill Pay system from a bank other than Origin Bank, prior to your November 1 payment, you will need to update the payee information through your bank’s Bill Pay to include your new account number and the new payee address provided above.
  • Mail: Please mail your payments to the new mailing address, Origin Bank, PO BOX 660592, Dallas, TX  75266-0592.
  • New ACH enrollments: If you are not currently set up for automatic payments and would like to, please complete and return the Automatic Payment Program (APP) form located here: https://www.origin.bank/userfiles/pdfs/OriginBankEFTForm.pdf

Contact Us

For questions about this transfer between now and November 1, please contact our customer support team at 888-292-4037. After November 1, customer support can be accessed by calling 855-379-6447.