Benefits of an Origin Bank debit card

debit card

  • Portable access to your account funds
  • Secure and personalized PIN
  • More convenient than cash or check
  • Easily access funds with our convenient debit card

Origin Bank Debit Card

The Origin Bank debit card is directly linked to your checking account. Debit cards are often considered safer and more convenient than cash or personal checks. By simply swiping your debit card and entering your unique PIN, you can make purchases quickly and easily. Your Origin debit card can also be used to withdraw cash, check your balance, and perform other transactions at ATMs (fees may apply at non-Origin ATMs).

Learn more about debit card accounts by visiting our personal checking account page. 

Debit Alerts

Sign up for Origin Bank debit alerts to receive text or e-mail notifications of account activity. You can customize your notification settings to receive certain types of alerts, such as out-of-state transactions, card status changes, or funds transferred. Debit alerts are provided to Origin debit card holders at no cost; carrier message and data rates may apply.

Sign Up for Debit Alerts


In addition to Debit Alerts, Origin Bank also provides fraud protection services through an automated Short Message Service (SMS) which sends a short message, or text message, to all mobile phone numbers listed on your account. The text message will contain Origin Bank’s name, the last four digits of your account number, and information about the suspicious transaction which triggered the fraud alert. Additionally, it will provide you with options to confirm the activity as valid or as unrecognized. 

For more information, please take a look at our SecurLOCK FAQs.