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5 Cybersecurity Tips for Keeping Your Child Safe Online

October 11, 2019

5 Cybersecurity Tips for Keeping Your Child Safe Online

October is not only Halloween season, it’s National Cybersecurity Awareness Month. Just as parents make sure kids are safe when trick-or-treating, it’s a good time to ensure your little ghosts and goblins are safe online, as well.   Smartphones, desktop computers, shared electronics and mobile devices often carry sensitive account information, passwords and even credit card numbers. That makes them perfect targets for scammers trying to have a little ghoulish fun of their own. Take the time to ensure everyone’s devices are secure by following these simple steps.

  1. Update passwords if they haven’t changed in a while. This is one of the easiest ways to avoid fraud and ensure online safety.
  2. Go through settings menus – for the device or its individual apps – to make sure you’re comfortable with parental controls and privacy settings. Several apps now offer parental controls and real-time alerts that allow you to dictate who has access and when they can log in or utilize the services.
  3. Verify that browsers are limited to age-appropriate websites. This can vary across platforms and can be customized based on family members’ needs.
  4. Pay special attention to permission settings for in-app purchases. This is where Origin Bank’s debit alerts can prevent a lot of frightful scares and headaches. When signing up, you’ll get text or e-mail notifications of account activity, out-of-state transactions, card status changes or funds transfers. Origin makes this step easier by offering free debit alert services with any Origin checking account.
  5. Most importantly, spend time talking to your kids about remaining aware and being proactive whenever they’re online. Without the proper safeguards, cyberspace can be quite scary.

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