5 Cybersecurity Tips for Keeping Your Child Safe Online

This school year, virtual learning is expected to play a larger role than ever before. Classroom lessons and homework assignments will likely be available online, allowing students to learn while social distancing. Kids could spend extra time on phones, tablets and laptops that often contain sensitive account information, passwords and credit card numbers. This makes them perfect targets for thieves and scammers, which means internet safety and security is more important than ever. 

Origin offers five tips to help parents safeguard their information and children online.

  1. Update passwords on all devices, especially if they haven’t changed in a while. This is one of the easiest and most effective ways to avoid problems. Many experts recommend resetting passwords at least every six months, depending on how often the device accesses the internet and the kind of information it stores.
  1. Make sure you’re comfortable with parental controls and privacy options on every internet point of access, and update those settings regularly. Check the security settings on each device and on each individual app. 
  1. Browsers like Google Chrome and Safari offer customized security settings that help ensure kids’ access is limited to age-appropriate sites. Many apps offer real-time alerts which notify you when changes are made to your privacy or security settings, so be sure to take advantage. 
  1. With gaming apps in particular, check the permission settings for in-app purchases to avoid surprise charges. We also recommend Origin’s free debit alerts service, which provides real-time texts or emails on account activity, out-of-state transactions, card status changes or money transfers. 
  1. Most importantly, talk to your kids about online safety and the limits you set on their level of access. Help them be aware and proactive against the threats they could face online. Let them know about the dangers of chatting online with people they don’t know in real life and sending personal information or photos. 

Origin is committed to helping families guard against electronic fraud. We offer many resources that protect your accounts and personal information, and we’re available if you have questions. Contact an Origin banker, and learn how we can find solutions that meet your needs.