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With Online Banking, Security Starts with Vigilance

June 28, 2019

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Electronic fraud occurs so often these days, it’s hard for researchers to keep up. One report in 2018 found that 47 percent ‒ nearly half ‒ of U.S. adults say they were victimized by a fraudulent purchase made with their credit or debit card.

Origin Bank takes customers’ security seriously. We offer features like chip card technology, a secure online banking platform and real-time account activity alerts to keep your money and personal information secure.

Check out these 10 security tips from the experts in Origin Bank’s risk department:

  1. Never share your password. Cyber thieves routinely send fake emails that try to fool you into giving them your bank account username, password or account number. The messages often use official-looking company logos to appear legitimate. Remember that Origin never sends personal email asking for sensitive information. We never ask for online banking passwords, even in person or over the phone.
  2. Use secure passwords. Your online banking account password should be unique and not used with other accounts. It should include uppercase and lowercase letters, special characters and numbers. If you’d like help keeping track of your passwords, there are several trusted password-manager apps available.
  3. Monitor your account regularly. One of the best ways to stop fraud is to catch it as it happens. Monitoring your account regularly for suspicious charges lets you take action immediately when something turns up. Origin’s online banking platform makes it easy to view recent transactions. Get in the habit of checking your account every morning for suspicious activity. The great thing about online banking is that you can access your account in seconds.
  4. Use e-statements. Electronic statements offer several advantages. When they’re sent, you receive them immediately. They cut down on paper waste, which is better for the environment. E-statements are also more secure ‒ there’s no paper with your account information for someone else to find.
  5. Use updated anti-virus software. Anti-virus software provides a basic measure of online security, so take advantage. These programs and apps reduce risks by identifying and blocking threats to your computer or mobile device. Just remember that once the software is installed, it needs to be activated and regularly updated.
  6. Don’t buy from suspicious websites. Trust your instincts. If a site seems suspicious, don’t hand over your credit or debit card information. Before making an online purchase, you should see a green padlock symbol in your browser next to the website address and that the site has an SSL certificate. Both should be considered bottom-line requirements for a site’s credibility.
  7. Don’t click on suspicious links. If an email or website is urging you to click on a suspicious-looking link, don’t click it. This is especially true for links that claim to be associated with your bank account. Never click a link on a website or email that claims it will take you to your Origin Bank online account. Instead, type www.origin.bank into your web browser’s address bar to make sure you’re visiting the real Origin website.
  8. Don’t send emails with private information. Just as you shouldn’t respond to emails that ask for sensitive information, you shouldn’t include that information when sending emails, even when dealing directly with an Origin banker. Financial institutions have resources for securely transferring sensitive documents, and we’re happy to help you access them.
  9. Shred confidential papers. Any document with personal information should be shredded before it gets tossed out. That includes credit and debit card statements, credit card offers and insurance documents, whether it’s current or expired.
  10. Sign up for activity alerts. Origin’s electronic alerts enable you to track account activity at all times and identify suspicious charges. You can choose text or email alerts, and the settings can be customized. You can get an immediate alert any time a purchase is made, for example, or when purchases exceed a certain amount.

For more banking security tips, contact Origin Bank. We want to make sure you feel safe and secure when banking with us.


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