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September 26, 2019

Easy. Fast. Safe.

Have you ever been at a dinner where the restaurant can’t split the cost of the check? Looking for an easy way to pay a babysitter? Wanting to send your friend money for a quick coffee treat or reimbursement? There’s now a safe and secure solution right in our app because Origin Bank now offers access to Zelle. This ensures that customers can move money quickly, safely and easily between friends, family and trusted associates who have a bank account in the U.S. 

Zelle is available in our app, where you can also find a vast array of our own digital banking resources. It’s a convenient way to pay people you trust ‒ directly from your Origin account. 

Zelle makes it fast, safe and easy for money to move. Zelle reaches more than 100 million consumers through mobile banking apps and millions more through the standalone app. Money sent with Zelle moves directly from one bank to the other with no stops in-between -- and is typically available within minutes when the recipient is already enrolled. To learn more about Zelle, visit https://www.zellepay.com or https://www.origin.bank/zelle.

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