5 Tools to Help You Streamline Your Business Operations

With more than 100 years of business banking experience, the Origin team knows that all business owners share at least one common trait: They’re extremely busy. Origin Bank’s SVP of Treasury Management, Laurie Colvin, and SVP and Director of Treasury Management Services, Paula Morris, recommend the following five business banking tools to help businesses of all sizes save time and streamline their operations:

1. Online banking: The most popular business banking tool used by Origin customers is online banking, which consists of both personal/business and treasury management platforms that offer a full suite of services. If you run a business with fewer banking needs, the personal/business online banking platform might be best suited for you. If you operate a company with a larger volume of transactions, having an online treasury management account can help you keep track of your company finances on a larger scale.

“Having access to up-to-date financial information through online banking services allows a business owner to pay bills, monitor expenses, conduct transactions, and export information to financial management software — in just a few minutes.” – Laurie

Online banking allows you to keep a close watch on company accounts, reduces the need for paper statements and updates, and makes it easy to transfer and manage funds in just a few clicks. If you haven’t registered for an online banking account, sign up here!

“Our online banking platform is flexible and very user-friendly. You can tailor it to meet your needs by organizing the display so that the accounts you monitor the most are visible as soon as you log in.” - Paula

2. Credit card processing services: When choosing a credit card processing service, business owners should spend extra time making sure they’re making a smart choice. Many third-party credit card processing companies have hidden fees or long-binding contracts, which can be a headache for business owners who are too busy to read every word of the fine print.

Origin Bank offers credit card processing services that are secure and affordable. Our merchant services solutions include point-of-sale systems and credit card processing services that allow business owners to easily conduct credit card transactions without worrying about additional fees.

“Origin Bank works with a trusted partner to provide credit card processing services to our customers. As an extension of our team, they deliver high-touch customer service, offer competitive rates, and process payments in a timely manner.” - Paula

3. Payroll processing: No matter how many employees you have, Origin Bank’s payroll service will make it easy for you to pay your staff on time and with little effort. Our payroll system syncs well with accounting software — once you send our team a payroll file (or generate one yourself using our payroll template), we can handle paying employees by payroll card or direct deposit. Make sure your employees never miss a payment with this service.

“Whether you have two employees or two thousand employees, we can handle your payroll needs. Most of our business customers love this service because it’s an affordable way to reduce stress and ensure that employees are getting paid on time, all the time.” - Laurie

4. Remote deposit capture: Just as our personal banking customers love being able to deposit checks remotely, our business owners do too. Sign up for our treasury management services and enjoy the ease of depositing multiple checks at once with a special scanner you can keep in your office. Our remote deposit capture services make it simple for businesses to quickly handle checks, ultimately allowing them to speed up and streamline their cash flow operations.

“Our clients say that one of the best things about remote deposit capture is that it saves them time and improves their cash flow. They never have to leave their offices to make a deposit. Checks scanned in your office by 5 p.m. will be available the next day.” - Paula

5. Positive Pay: Many business owners are surprised that they’re required to identify fraudulent checks within approximately 48 hours after the check is deposited. Given this tight timeline, a fraud protection service like Positive Pay can help you avoid loss and keep your accounts secure. Positive Pay verifies the authenticity of every check issued by your company, and will immediately alert you if an unverified check is posted against your account. If the information you send Origin Bank doesn’t exactly match what is presented on the check, the check will not be processed. This service allows business owners to act fast and prevent fraud — without needing to worry about tracking every single transaction.

“Many business owners are unpleasantly surprised when they identify a fraudulent check. We always urge our customers to sign up for Positive Pay to avoid ‘learning the hard way’ about check fraud.” – Laurie

Want more business banking tips? Contact Paula, Laurie, and the rest of the Origin team to learn more about how you can streamline your business so that you can save time and stay original.