Life is Complicated. Managing Your Personal Finances Doesn’t Have to Be.

2021 is off to a fast start. With winter coming to a close, now is the perfect time to look ahead to springtime gardens and summer vacations. But are your personal finances ready for your warm-weather plans?

Origin Bank is here to help with its Personal Financial Management tool. This free, easy-to-use resource helps you build a budget, track your spending, manage your debt, and set aside savings so you can achieve your long- and short-term financial goals.

The tool works seamlessly with all of your accounts, tracking your financial data and organizing it in a single secure location. Even if your mortgage is with one lender and your auto loan is with another, you can stay on top of every household expense easily from anywhere and on any device.

With each transaction, expenses are auto-categorized so you can see exactly how much of your finances go towards things like groceries, dining out, or even monthly utilities. The tool lets you review each spending category, helping you to see the full picture of how you’re utilizing your available funds so you can build a budget that works for you.

Once your budget is set, take advantage of push notifications so you’ll know right away if your spending gets off track. You can make changes easily, adjusting for things like seasonal increases to travel or holiday shopping, while also planning for big expenses like home renovation projects.

Debt management is made easy with the account aggregation tool. Monthly payments are tracked so you can see your most current loan balances, including payoff information. This feature also helps you identify recurring expenses like subscription services or memberships that might be outdated, making it easy to save with cuts to unnecessary spending.

Want to learn more? Check out this brief video. And when you’re ready to get started, Origin makes it easy. Simply use your computer or mobile device to visit the Origin online banking portal and click on the Personal Financial Management tab to register. It’s quick, easy and free to Origin Bank customers.

The Personal Financial Management tool is part of Origin’s ongoing investment in technology that makes banking simpler and more rewarding for customers. The Origin Bank website has this resource and more, or you can also get help with your account and service questions day or night at (888) 292-4037.