Small Businesses Win with Workforce Development Programs

In today's competitive environment, companies are struggling to attract and retain top talent. Job candidates are actively seeking unique offerings from employers, and providing workforce development opportunities can help small businesses distinguish themselves in the crowded marketplace.

Potential employees are becoming increasingly savvy. They view job opportunities as an extension of their personal lives and want to know that they will be supported in a number of ways.

Smaller organizations that offer long-term career paths and invest in growth opportunities for their employees are particularly attractive. Studies show that businesses with robust workplace development programs are more attractive to job seekers than companies that don’t offer on-the-job development opportunities.

Once top talent is secured and employees begin to take advantage of professional growth opportunities, they hone their skills to become not only more knowledgeable, but also more productive. Job satisfaction soars and operational efficiencies increase, which is particularly beneficial to small businesses that depend on a proactive and innovative workforce.

This leads to another key benefit – elevated customer experiences. Studies have found that companies with employees who regularly take advantage of workplace development programs have high customer satisfaction and retention rates. This is critical to small businesses that depend on high customer loyalty and low customer churn for long-term success.

“We believe that the employee experience drives the customer experience,” explains Chief Dream Manager & Talent Development Officer, EVP Lonnie Scarborough. “With that in mind, we have implemented several programs that develop not only the worker side of our employees but also the whole person.”

Origin Bank offers workforce development programs that are designed to attract top talent and help our employees grow at every stage of their careers. Whether enhancing the skills of next-generation leaders through Origin Leadership Academy, helping employees identify and achieve their dreams through the Dream Manager Program, or improving the financial wellness of team members with the Dave Ramsey Smart Dollar program, we foster a culture that supports stellar customer experiences by celebrating employee excellence.

Scarborough further explains, “When all areas of life are in balance, employees come to work vibrant and energized, ready to give their best self to our customers. When an employee feels their employer truly cares about them, the byproduct is maximum engagement which results in superior results. The customer feels it and will come back for more - and bring their friends!”

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