Origin’s Customer Service Team – Dedicated to Creating a Great Customer Experience

Working in Customer Service is not an easy job, not by a long shot. In fact, it is imperative that the specialists in this department have an extensive knowledge of numerous areas within the bank, since they field calls from customers on a wide variety of topics.

Team member Jonathan Brooks explains it this way: “The assistance I am likely to provide ranges anywhere from simple bookkeeping information and general online banking assistance to credit/debit card resolution, mortgage/escrow information and communicating with customers in a live chat online for fast Q&A assistance.”

Is this vast knowledge requirement a heavy responsibility? Not according to Kris Claire.

“I LOVE learning all the different areas of the bank!” she says.

Customer service at Origin consists of more than just answering questions, though. This is a problem solving profession, and one that our teammates do with the customers’ experience in the forefront of their minds, working hard to exceed expectations in meeting financial needs each time they answer a call.

Neil Thomason, Account Services Assistant Manager, enjoys seeing his group work through all the unique situations they encounter while on the phone with customers. "Each person understands how important our customer interaction is to the bank, and works diligently to resolve each issue," he says.

“I love interacting and problem solving with our clients,” says Karen Caldwell. “I feel a sense of accomplishment when I am able to resolve someone’s issue.”

Whitney Fontenot agrees. “I love talking with our customers and helping them through all of their issues to help make their banking experience the best it can be.”

Switchboard Operator Carla Sandifer, who is basically the traffic cop of incoming calls -- or as she calls herself, a banking jack-of-all-trades -- believes that customer service is more than just a job, it is a calling.

“I love people, and I love helping and serving others. I get to talk to so many people on the phone and get to see others who come into the Operations Center,” she says. “I try to always encourage people when they come in, and I can tell if they need a hug or a kind word.”

Terri Simmons takes it a step further, explaining that she has many customers she has assisted over a long period of time.

“I love the relationships I build with my customers,” she says.

This positive attitude is pervasive throughout the whole team, and each member is dedicated not only to serving customers, but each other, too.

“We are a team,” says Carla. “When one of us is hurting or down and needs help, work related or family related, we pull together.”

“My coworkers keep it light when some days can seem heavy,” adds Kris. “They are a positive light that keeps morale up and going!”

Tammy Glover appreciates her coworkers and their support during trying times, and she says her team is just part of what makes Origin Bank unique.

“I work for a great company that is very involved in the community.”

So the next time you dial our Customer Service number you will be assisted by one of these knowledgeable folks who looks forward to making each day brighter for our clients – one call at a time.