Origin Bank’s Health & Wellness Program

At Origin, our culture has always been the foundation of our success. From the Dream Manager Program to Project Enrich, we’re committed to giving our employees the tools they need to succeed, both in and out of the office. Ultimately, we know that success stems from a well-balanced life and a healthy work environment – that’s why we’re shining a light on our Health & Wellness Program.

We recently sat down with Trenton Trevillion, the Health & Wellness Program Manager at Origin Bank, to learn more about how Origin helps employees develop an action plan, accomplish their goals, and live a more balanced life.

So, how did the Health & Wellness Program begin?

With a background in personal training, a certification from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, and a thriving fitness blog, Trenton Trevillion has always been passionate about health and wellness. But his Origin story actually starts in the maintenance and mail room.

“I was actually working in maintenance and mail at Origin Bank,” Trenton explains. “When I was doing that, I was telling my boss at the time, Dwayne Gray, about what I was going to school for and how I wanted to get into corporate wellness so I could offer employees a free way to have someone that could help them heal alternatively.” And when Dwayne prompted Trenton to talk to Origin management about his aspirations, they developed a plan, and a new program was born.

Origin’s Health & Wellness Program helps employees learn to balance the four pillars of health: nutrition, fitness, spirituality, and relationships. It’s not just a one-size-fits-all approach but rather a customizable program tailored to each employee.

“Every participant that signs on gets a 15 to 30-minute session with me as many times as they want a month,” Trenton explains. “And during that time, they get to talk about what they're doing within their career and their home life all in a confidential space.”


But it’s not just about exercising more or changing your diet – it’s about taking a holistic approach to health and paying attention to every aspect of an employee’s well-being. “To me, it's about mind, body and spirit,” Trenton explains. “Once we can get through the mind, then we can get into the body and then we can actually fix both, which of course is the spiritual aspect of it.”

Trenton’s coaching abilities extend beyond coaching sessions - he also writes monthly articles and newsletters to help guide Origin employees on their wellness journeys. From 15-minute guided meditations and 20-minute HIIT workouts to healthy recipes, these resources give Trenton a space to share new findings and fresh wellness content.

Each month, he teaches a masterclass on a relevant health & wellness topic. “The master class I'm doing this month is on ingredient labels and the importance of understanding the foods we eat and how those foods affect us.”

Trenton’s job goes beyond personal training or nutrition advice. Ultimately, he’s a friend and confidant, a person employees can go to when they have a problem and who they can rely on to help solve their issues. By working as an accountability partner for Origin employees, Trenton helps the team understand that health and wellness isn’t about perfection – it’s about creating balance. “What balance looks like is creating happiness in your life – internal happiness. And through internal happiness, you can create the external life you desire,” Trenton explains.


From teaching employees how to manage their time to incorporating fitness and self-care measures into employee routines, Trenton tailors the program to each individual’s needs and concerns. However, he does notice a few recurring worries from client to client. As recent as January, 2024, Trenton implemented group sessions across all bank departments coupled with health fairs in each market.

“Time management is the number one issue in workplace wellness. Number two is anxiety…so a lot of issues don’t even have to do with nutritional stuff as much as it is mental stuff,” Trenton notes. And generally, these issues stem from a lack of mindfulness. That’s why Trenton works hard to help clients create a space where they can talk about what they’re struggling with.

“We come up with little bitty solutions and tiny goals to help them figure out how to create space in their schedule so that way they can take time for themselves,” Trenton explains. He supports them throughout the process with encouragement, regular check-ins, and even journal templates. By providing anything and everything an Origin employee could need to feel in control of their life, Trenton helps them manage their time and change their mindset.

What started with just a few employees has turned into a company-wide phenomenon. As the program evolved, Trenton began working with more and more Origin executives on their health and wellness journey, resulting in increased productivity and an infectious sense of well-being that has trickled down throughout the company. With over 3,500 cumulative pounds lost since the start of the program and even more lives changed, it’s clear that Trenton is doing an excellent job.

At Origin, we’re not only committed to our customers, but also to our employees, creating a thriving corporate culture that people want to be a part of. The health and well-being of our employees is a key part of our culture, but we’re also invested in helping them meet their other goals, too. That’s why we created the Dream Manager Program, a program that helps team members become the best version of themselves by identifying their dreams and developing an action plan to achieve them. From encouragement to one-on-one support, we provide everything an Origin employee could need to meet their goals. To join the Origin team, visit our careers page to learn more.