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Human versus hi-tech: What kind of banker is best?

November 20, 2018

Human versus hi-tech: What kind of banker is best?

This fundamental question is a growing issue for customers who increasingly rely on mobile apps and debit cards for everyday banking. While technology plays a crucial part in today’s banking landscape, Origin Bank believes that human interaction and genuine relationships should remain readily available.

Origin focuses on face-to-face relationships with all customers while also acknowledging how technology has revolutionized the industry. The convenience of immediate, mobile access to your account is indispensable, but nothing can compare to having a trusted advisor when customers need it most.

Many transactions may require more than a PIN number to complete and are inherently complicated. From buying a home, to launching a business, to borrowing for education or planning and saving for retirement, these decisions affect your lifestyle for years or even decades, and they may change over time.

That’s why relationship banking is so important. Origin bankers get to know their customers so they can better understand their financial needs and assist them in reaching their financial goals, big or small.

Origin values innovation and technology that improves banking, as well as the value of the human side of the equation. Customers not only have the option to contact their banker through emails or text, but also can be connected in a timely manner to a human representative for their customer service needs.

Better service requires better understanding, and that starts with a genuine relationship.

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