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In today’s banking landscape, technology is the rule – human interaction and genuine relationships are the exception. At Origin Bank, we deliver on both. See relationship banking in action below.
Customer Stories
  • Eldonta' Osborne + Drake  Mills
    See Eldonta''s Story

    Eldonta' + Drake
    Eldonta' Osborne's passion is putting kids in the position to succeed, and together with Origin Bank CEO Drake Mills, he's able to couple that passion with the resources to make a difference in his community.
  • Sam Burns + Kade McDonald
    See Sam's Story

    Sam, Kade + Larry
    Being a fast-rising golf pro is a solitary pursuit, but Sam Burns still needs a strong support system at home. Kade grew up golfing with Sam, and he's still partnering with Sam to get him where he wants to go.
  • Jim White + Joe Cox
    See Jim's Story

    Jim + Joe
    The future is bright for lighting manufacturer KW Industries. Joe keeps in constant contact with Jim to shed light on all the ways Origin can help KW grow.
  • Tom O'Neal + Jeff Parker
    See Tom's Story

    Tom + Jeff
    From a single propane truck to a multistate operation, O’Nealgas has partnered with Origin every step of the way. Great relationships are the fuel of every business.
  • Roy Rodriguez + Gerardo Garza
    See Roy's Story

    Roy + Gerardo
    Roy first turned to Origin because of our unique and innovative approach to banking. He quickly noticed the similarities to his own company culture; chiefly, fierce dedication to customer service built on genuine relationships.
  • Jamie Landers + Justin Holt
    See Jamie's Story

    Jamie + Justin
    Jamie’s company is an industry leader whose proprietary software gives his customers access to the most affordable fuel pricing with quick turnarounds. He counts on that same speed and efficiency from Origin banker Justin.
  • Chase  Schavrda + Warrie  Birdwell
    See Chase and Chris's Story

    Chase , Chris + Warrie
    From the football field at SMU to landscape services, Origin banker Warrie and Marlin Landscape owners Chase and Chris have always worked well together.
  • Angie Blades + Rick Siudy
    See Angie's Story

    Angie + Rick
    In 2004, after a long tenure as an employee, Angie became the owner of Fiesta Nutrition and soon expanded it to the 4,000 square foot bustling healthy hotspot it is today.
  • Kelly Moore Clark + Kimberly Walker
    See Kelly's Story

    Kelly + Kimberly
    From a fledgling garage business, Kelly has come a long way. Every step of the way she’s turned to Origin banker Kimberly for all her needs, big and small.
  • Tim Love + Grant James
    See Tim's Story

    Tim + Grant
    Beloved chef Tim always has numerous exciting projects underway and knows he can look to Origin banker Grant to make it happen.

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