Origin Bank Begins with Relationships

For Kelly Moore Clark, business is personal. As founder and CEO of Kelly Moore Bag, her signature, and therefore her reputation, goes on every product the company offers. Just as customers expect the best from her brand, Kelly needs to know that her business partners have her needs in mind, as well.

“Relationship is everything, especially when you’re dealing with money,” Kelly says. “You just want to see a person’s face. You want to know it’s somebody you can trust.”

Origin banker Kimberly Walker is one of those trusted faces. A friend since high school, Kimberly has been there since the launch of Kelly Moore Bag. With Kimberly’s help, Origin financed Kelly’s inventory and has stood by her ever since. “We are there for her,” says Kimberly.

When Kelly went through a recent expansion and reorganization, Kimberly stayed in close contact with the company and with Kelly’s accountant to ease the process and serve as an advisor.

As needs arise, big and small, Kelly has come to rely on Kimberly’s understanding of Kelly’s goals and the unique challenges that arise for her business. “How we do business is really the same as Origin,” says Kelly. “We provide great products and take care of our customers.”