O’Nealgas and Origin Bank

In 1953, John O’Neal purchased a propane truck, hired one employee and started a delivery service for residents in Louisiana’s Lincoln Parish. Decades later, O’Nealgas is still there. With a staff of 60 employees and a fleet of vehicles, the company delivers propane in 20 parishes and five nearby counties in Arkansas.

Now run by John’s son, Tom, the O’Nealgas name is recognized throughout north Louisiana as a symbol of reliability, dependability and service. And for the past 40 years, Origin Bank has been a proud partner. In addition to providing business banking services, Origin helps O’Nealgas with lines of credit and loans for equipment and acquisitions.

“The trust relationship with a bank is awfully important. My father started with one propane truck here in Lincoln Parish and we’re in virtually every parish across the northern part of the state and many in south Arkansas,” says Tom O’Neal. “We couldn’t have done that without a financial partner.”

Likewise, Origin banker Jeff Parker credits O’Neal with teaching him about the industry. Thanks to their relationship, Origin has been there to serve as a resource for everything from cash management to business-related contacts, and offers O’Nealgas insight and guidance on the local and national economy.

“O’Nealgas is an excellent customer and a strong company,” says Parker. “You have to be a strong business in order to be operating since 1953.”