Meet Marlin Landscape Systems of Dallas

Chris Bordano and Chase Schavrda faced a crossroads. As owners of Marlin Landscape Systems in Dallas, they wanted to reach the next level of business, but getting there meant finding access to the right kind of resources and financial know-how.

There was no shortage of bankers in Dallas. In fact, one of the challenges Schavrda and Bordano faced was that their business was spread among several lenders.

Marlin Landscape was borne of the friendship and trust Schavrda and Bordano forged as teammates from Southern Methodist University’s football program. In seeking a solution to grow their business, they turned to Warrie Birdwell, another former SMU teammate and Origin’s regional president.

While Origin certainly provided the resources, Birdwell brought both the knowledge and trust Schavrda and Bordano sought. He also understood the teamwork mentality that drives Marlin Landscape.

“Warrie immediately stepped in and had everything done in 30 days. We had a line of credit, a real estate term loan and a full treasury-management suite,” Bordano said.