KW Industries and Origin Share a Light Bulb Moment

Jim White spent 40 years with KW Industries, helping the Houston manufacturer of outdoor light poles and lighting systems become a global leader with a reputation for innovation and performance. And then he was given the opportunity to become the owner of the company.

While he knew this would be a great opportunity, he had financial questions he needed the answers to before accepting the offer. And he trusted Origin banker Joe Cox to help him come up with a plan.

“Joe was right there to help me go through the whole process, and that means a lot,” says White, who now serves as KW Industries president. “You’ve got to have good people behind you in order to run your business.”

Cox saw the potential in KW Industries, and had the knowledge and expertise to assist White in finding solutions to the challenges of ownership and guiding the future of the company.

Cox recalled White’s passion for the business from their very first meeting. “But it goes beyond that. He knew every one of his employees by name,” Cox says of White. “I could see that this is a company that pays attention to detail and treats people well, and there’s more to it than just making a light pole.”

“There are thousands of banks in this town,” said White. “What makes them stand out are the employees that work for the bank.