A Redeeming Mission

The Redeemer’s School in Jackson, Mississippi, is a Christian school guided by a mission of impacting children’s futures. Origin Bank has developed a close and crucial partnership with the school through its goodwill leadership efforts and financial support.  

Since its opening in 2014, The Redeemer’s School has made it their mission to provide the children of the Jackson community with an excellent academic education and environment, regardless of individual circumstances. With the school’s tuition and scholarship program being highly donation-driven, Origin Bank’s annual support makes the difference for several students who may not be able to attend otherwise.  

“As a part of our outreach program to the Redeemer School, we'll make a contribution every year for a class,” says Origin Bank Mississippi President Larry Ratzlaff. “The best part of coming to this school is talking with the kids.”

“The people at Origin know our hearts,” says Redeemer’s Head of School DeSean Dyson. “That's really helpful in terms of taking it out of just a business conversation and making it an actual partnership.”   

Several Origin bankers also spend time each month reading to students. “It’s very uplifting when we come,” says banker Kristie Thomas. “It’s beautiful to see these kids being developed, and you just wonder what they will become because of everything that's being poured into them by the school and by the small things that we do as well.”  

Dyson agrees, acknowledging the significance when others in the Jackson community “take ownership of our mission and become ambassadors and advocates themselves.”