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It all started in the trenches on the football field at SMU. The bond between three young men built on teamwork, trust, integrity and hard work is stronger than ever today. Those are the same values upon which Marlin Landscape founders Chase Schavrda and Chris Bordano built their business.

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They’re just on it. It’s that personal touch they bring to banking.
Chase Schavrda
Principal + Owner, Marlin Landscape

Those shared values are what motivated them to bank with their friend and former teammate, Origin banker Warrie Birdwell. “I can call him at any hour and Warrie has an answer for me or can guide me in the right direction,” explains Chase. “Warrie and his team at Origin are professional about it and they get the job done,” adds Chris.

Growth Comes

“Chris was finishing three years in the NFL, and we decided to go into the landscaping business,” Chase says with a smile. They credit pure grit and determination for their success, as they look back to the beginning when they tackled several jobs before the company even had a name. “I’m incredibly proud to have watched them grow this business into what it is today,” says Warrie. 

What they have been able to do over the past 15 years is something special.
Warrie Birdwell
Origin Banker

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