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Meryl believes that success is built on a foundation of giving back - and she's experienced a lot of success. After overseeing the launch and development of her family's rice mill at just 21 years old, she's gone on to foresee and fill the need for rice packaging in North Louisiana.

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Origin doesn't just take banking on contractual terms. They feel like if they give back to the community, the community will give back to them.
Meryl Kennedy Farr
CEO, Neighbors, LLC

She now runs Neighbors Cookies, too, which produces cookie dough for the fundraising industry. In addition to helping children build playgrounds, go on trips, and reach other goals, they make a pretty mean cookie.

Above and Beyond is

Harold has served Meryl's family businesses for the better part of her life, becoming a family friend. Meryl knew that Harold and Origin were a perfect fit for Neighbors' banking needs, because their relationship extends beyond that of a standard banker-customer. Harold goes above and beyond, providing advice, planning, and from time to time, taste testing.

I'm very proud to be associated with Meryl.
Harold Book
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