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Tom O'Neal is "one of the world's most interesting men," says Origin banker Jeff. On top of connecting over diverse personal passions, from rodeo to running, Tom has worked with Jeff and Origin to build second-generation business O'Nealgas into a multistate operation.

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I do business with people I can trust, and I’ve found those people at Origin Bank.
Tom O'Neal
President, O'Nealgas

Tom's father also banked with Origin, and when Jeff took over the O'Nealgas account, there was a lot to catch up on. Jeff felt it was crucial to take the time to learn every last detail about the propane industry from Tom.

Taking Pride

As both O'Nealgas and Origin have expanded into new markets and grown their businesses, Tom and Jeff each take pride in the other's successes. And now, reflecting on O'Nealgas's presence in "virtually every parish across the northern part of Louisiana and many in south Arkansas," Tom remarks, "we couldn't have done that without a financial partner."

Tom and his staff are people you want to do business with. People you trust.
Jeff Parker
Origin Banker

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