Recognizing Potential

Larry Levine, Houston developer and president of Levcor Inc., has developed real estate for a long time, and with an eye for valuable property, can easily identify the best potential for his next project. When he walked inside his latest development and saw interior brick walls and solid concrete construction, he knew it would serve perfectly as a comfy loft office space in Houston’s metropolitan area.

Levine called his longtime friend and Origin banker, Russ Chase, to discuss the project and how it might be financed. “Within no time at all, they were very responsive,” Levine says of the bank. “We got a commitment, and we did a development loan.”

Since his career began in the mid-1970s, Levine has been involved in the development, leasing and management of more than 15 million square feet of retail and office space. With this vast experience, he’s quick to acknowledge the importance of working with trusted partners, especially those like Origin, who are willing to commit their advice and professional resources to large real estate developments.

“My whole theory is that when it's sunny outside, every bank's willing to give you an umbrella. The true test of a really good banker is one that's there for you and giving you that umbrella when it's raining outside. Russ is full of integrity and a real stand-up guy,” Levine says. “We've not only had a great business relationship, it's become a great personal relationship.”

In return, Chase gives substantial recognition to Levine, describing how “when Larry walks in the room, you just feel better.” Levcor and Origin’s relationship underscores the confidence and trust between two successful business partners.

“I've always said a bad partner can kill a great deal. A great partner can make a bad deal great. And I always look at Origin as a great partner,” Levine says.