When is a Bank More Than a Bank?

Bayou Outdoor Supercenter in Shreveport is a multimillion-dollar enterprise that appeals to outdoor enthusiasts throughout Louisiana. Its 35,000 square-foot showroom and service center supplies hunters and fishermen with top-of-the-line RVs, boats and equipment. Bayou Outdoor’s primary goal has been and will always be customer satisfaction.

Owner Larry Brazzel has built Bayou Outdoor into a successful business and an important part of the northwest Louisiana community. Hunting and fishing are honored traditions and a testament to the unique culture of the region.

The partnership between Brazzel and Origin banker Patrick Hemmings is more than just business; it is a shared passion for outdoor sportsmanship. Their mutual trust and genuine friendship have led to a real understanding of each other’s business philosophy.

“Origin Bank helped finance all the business for me,” says Larry Brazzel, owner of Bayou Outdoor. “Without them, we wouldn’t be where we are today.”

Hemmings has been Larry's banker from the beginning, and as a result, has witnessed Bayou Outdoor’s exponential growth while still staying true to its roots. This is something that Origin Bank can closely identify with when it comes to business evolution.

“Whether it's Larry supporting us or us supporting him, it goes both ways, Hemmings says. “He’s always doing events that not only promote him but put him in the community, and that’s what it’s about,” Hemmings says of Brazzel.

Bayou Outdoor also sets itself apart from competitors by focusing on customer service ‒ another aspect shared with Origin.

“It’s all about service. 
People like Patrick and Origin Bank, they’ve always been there for me,” Brazzel says. “Origin Bank has always been involved in the community, and you've got to support your community where you do business. That's the key to success.”