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Larry has developed real estate for a long time, and he has what it takes to succeed. He's got an eye for valuable property, the right relationships, and a passion for working with great people.

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When It's sunny, every bank will give you an umbrella. The true test of a banker is if they'll give you one when it's raining.
Larry Levine
President, Levcor Real Estate

When a project came along with a lot of character, solid brick walls and a concrete roof, he knew the right move was to turn it into loft office spaces. He needed a responsive banking partner who would support him if the going got tough.

Integrity is the

Larry found the banker he can rely on in Russ. Construction projects don't always go according to plan, and Larry knows that Russ has the integrity and good nature to see any project through. Rain or shine, Larry knows he has a friend and a true financial partner in Russ.

When Larry walks into the room, you just feel better.
Russ Chase
Origin Banker

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