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When Michael set his sights on a new home, he was thinking big. He chose a larger home for his family, and one that was in need of extensive renovation, with the hope that his family could remain in their current home during the upgrades.

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When you do a deal with Origin you've got this team of bankers that are there to help you.
Michael Josephson
Managing Partner, Josephson Dunlap

Juggling two mortgages was unconventional, and he knew it would be challenging to make his plan work. But he believed that with the right banker helping them, it could be done.

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Origin banker Terri has worked with Michael for years, on both commercial and personal banking projects. In addition to always being there when he needs her, Michael knows he can count on Terri to quickly tell him whether a project is going to work or not. In this case, she really brought it home.

It's a rare combination - being large enough to do the loans that are asked of us, as well as having the flexibility when someone needs something outside the box.
Terri Chase
Origin Banker

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