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Jim believes that when you’re in customers’ homes to help with their plumbing, they are the boss. You introduce yourself, listen carefully to all their concerns, and then do your best to leave the place better than it was when you arrived. It’s a philosophy that he instills in his whole team. And it extends to his passion for helping the community. He sees philanthropy and volunteering as the whole point of life – working hard, but always giving back.

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They go the extra mile – means a lot.
Jim Roach
Owner, Roach Plumbing

Though Mary has helped his business evolve with technology for remote banking, Jim still likes to stop by her Origin banking center. He appreciates the bank’s similar philosophy of personal service. They always greet him with a warm welcome and offer an efficient, no-hassle approach to getting things done.

Keeping a Strong

Mary has worked with Jim for more than 25 years, allowing them to build a strong, familiar relationship. Mary always projects a positive outlook and never hesitates to offer Jim helpful advice, whether it is about banking or everyday life. She even went out of her way to assist Jim in raising donations for Woody’s Home for Veterans, the nonprofit he supports. After all, serving others is one of the main things they have in common.

When Jim comes to the bank he lights up the whole place. Everybody gets in a good mood. He makes everybody laugh.
Mary Yawn
Origin Banker

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